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Here are answers to a few questions you may have.
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Advertiser Answers:

Q: What are the Ad Up Premium Content Channels and how do they work?
A: Ad Up Premium Content Channels are hand-selected, high quality, content-based Web Properties, which, as a group offer you more reach than a single site, and at very competitive rates. Ad Up delivers your Advertisement directly to the targeted interest group you choose. In other words, your ad will appear on Web Sites which attract your customer base, so your ads will be seen by consumers already interested in your product or service. During your campaign, Ad Up will supply you with custom reports showing ad penetration and effectiveness plus any other statistical information you request. We can also design your ad, or even your web site. Ad Up is a full-service, one-stop shop for all your Internet Advertising needs. Traditionally, it can be very difficult for advertisers or agencies to target specific Internet consumer groups, manage Advertising across many different sites, and track Ad effectiveness, but it's easy for Ad Up. Here's how it works: After we receive your check, signed agreement, and ad graphic image file, we'll start rotating your ads according to the targeting you choose. You pick what type of sites you'd like your ad to appear on, from extremely specific, to very broad. Your ad campaign will then appear on all the web sites you chose, Ad Up takes care of all the tracking, management, and billing.
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Q: What are the benefits of advertising with Ad Up?
A: Ad Up offers you tremendous advantages:
  • Guaranteed Results : Ad Up ensures that your advertising gets results: We guarantee that all Ad Up targeted campaigns will get at least a 2% Click-Through Rate.
  • Advanced Targeting : Ad Up targets consumer interest based on site content, not peeking at inaccurate IP addresses or other obscure schemes.
  • Better Control: Ad Up's proprietary AdServer allows you, the sponsor to control exactly where, when, and how often ads will appear.
  • Real-Time reports: Ad Up gives you up-to-the-second 24 x 365 online Ad statistics and tracking data, including dates and times.
  • Adaptability: Because Ad Up's network is centrally controlled, updates and changes to your campaign can be executed almost immediately.
  • Privacy: Ad Up guarantees privacy rights of individuals because we know that you and the industry want customers to respect you.
  • Ad Up is truly your one-stop shop.

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Q: Why is Ad Up's content-based targeting better?
A: Our targeting system employs the proven methods of psychographics and affinity targeting which advertisers have used for years: Ad Up places the ads where the targeted consumers can see it. For instance, if you are selling cars, we can place your ad on automotive Web Sites. Ad Up's sophisticated proprietary AdServer technology automatically measures each ad's effectiveness 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, plus gives you the flexibility to make changes in your campaign, even after it's already running. Others guess the users' interests by using schemes which don't work.
  • Other companies attempt to target users with "Cookies" (data files which stay with the computer, not with the user). This creates problems because these "cookies" are not unique to each user, but rather contain information on everyone who has ever used that computer's browser. Many family members, or office co-workers may all use the same computer -- and therefore the same "cookie." Numerous web coffee house patrons also re-use many single workstations, resulting in a messy jumble of misinformation in every "cookie." Advertising with this method would be like ordering a software ad in a computer magazine, but having it end up in a cooking journal instead.

  • Some use another faulty approach called "dynamic targeting" whereby ads are sent to sites where they have been clicked on more often in the past. While it may sound good, it can be the worst way to spend money, for two reasons. To start this system, they run your ads completely untargeted -- that means they run on all sites, no matter how ridiculously wrong they may be, just to see what the response is. This would be like advertising an automobile during a children's cartoon, on the off chance that someone watching might be interested in buying a car. The other big problem is that unscrupulous web site owners might repeatedly click on the paid ads to drive more revenue to their site. They know that most ads are promotional or unpaid, so by clicking on the paid ones, they will bring more of them to their site. Giving up control of your targeting is not a good idea.

  • Another scheme tries to guess who users are by matching people with their computers' IP address (an Internet number which acts as a place-holder for an online computer). The problem is, this IP address not only doesn't stay with the user, but in many cases, doesn't even stay with the computer! In order to save time and money, Internet Service Providers randomly recycle IP addresses for millions of users - especially those with home computers. That means every time they log on, their computer has a different IP address. Worse yet, many more people surfing the net from work may all be using a single mainframe or 'proxy server' which gives all these users the same IP address. Advertising with this approach would be like sending direct mail to a mailing list 50 years old.

  • Clearly, you can see none of these schemes can ever be trusted to target users. Neither of these approaches can work because they equate numbers and files with users, which is just plain wrong.

The only thing which really stays with a user is their own personal taste. When the consumer is interested in a product or service, they frequent sites related to these products and services. This is where Ad Up puts your ads. It works a lot like print advertising; your ad goes where the interest is, based on content, not some weird, unproven IP method or a faulty, half-baked cookie scheme.
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Q: How do I place an ad on the Ad Up Network?
A: Its simple and easy. Just send us an E-mail with your request, we'll send you an agreement to sign, and launch your Internet campaign. No special software is necessary. If you're looking at this page, you already have everything you need.

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Q: What ad formats does Ad Up support? A: Ad Up supports all of the IAB/CASIE standard formats, but our studies show that the best results come from ads that are 468 by 60 pixels. Your image can be in GIF, Animated GIF, or JPEG format -- however, we are willing to work with you on any other format you'd like to use. For the best results and better customer response, we suggest that ads be 9K or less, but this up to you.

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Q: How much response will I get for my dollar?
A: You decide how much exposure you want, and you pay only for the ads actually viewed, so your campaign is extremely cost efficient. Just send us an E-Mail with your request, and we'll send you a rate card.

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Q: Can I control when and where my ads appear?
A: Yes. Ad Up gives you complete authority over where your ads appear. Ad Up works with you, helping you select from a targeted list of site categories (affinities) or you may choose all our sites for run-of-network advertising. You can combine multiple categories, and if necessary, we'll even add special, new custom sub-categories just for you free of charge. With Ad Up, you can also choose a particular time slot, and soon, geographic targeting as well.

Your ad can appear under a wide variety of classifications:

  • Everywhere across the world, all the time
  • On any specific site in our network, or anywhere else on the web
  • On any particular type of content related page (ie, Automobile pages)
  • Everywhere except a specified group of sites (ie, not on sin pages)
  • During certain times slots, ie, prime time, or other peak periods
  • Running on a particular day of the week, or during specific periods
  • Any combination of the above

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Q: Can I change our ad campaign whenever I want?
A: Yes. That's the beauty of Ad Up. We manage your campaign from our central Ad Server. So, as soon as we process your request, changes in targeting, frequency, even the ad itself, can all be updated almost immediately.

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Q: Is there some degree of privacy for my Web customers?
A: Yes. Users have the right to privacy and the Internet will not succeed unless privacy is protected. We understand your need to balance consumers concerns and their respect with your need for information. Therefore, in the detailed online reports we provide to you, Ad Up gives you the necessary information needed to manage and improve your campaign, but not specific user names or email addresses.

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Q: Does Ad Up track impressions and penetration of my ads?
A: Yes. Ad Up's internal records show which ads every user saw, which ads they clicked on, and what time these events happened. All of this information is kept strictly confidential, and password-protected. The information is available for you to improve your campaign and to help Ad Up improve targeted advertising. The success of your campaign can be seen by viewing your up-to-the-second statistical results for any time/date range you choose, and from any browser, anywhere, anytime. Recorded information on the users' host machine and their browser type may be used for auditing only. None of this information is ever sold or made public.

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If there is anything else we can help you with, plus feel free to ask us.

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