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Did you know that there are mailing lists filled with people who are already interested in your product/service? It's true, and these are NOT spam lists, but individuals who have specifically requested to receive information and materials relating to specific products and services like yours.

Opt-In email services are totally legal and in fact are welcomed by those fighting spam. Each Opt-in email also includes a web address for recipients to automatically remove their email address if they choose. All lists are purged of remove requests, merged to remove duplicates, and verified as active before the first email goes out.

Ad Up's Opt-In email also includes FREE response tracking, so you'll know how many customers actually clicked on the links and were brought to your site.

This type of direct marketing is a great way to attract interested customers to your site. Chances are good it will be easy to sell to these consumers, since they already have an interest in information about your type of business.

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