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Web Site Answers:

Q: Why should I join the Ad Up Network?

A: There are numerous benefits to joining the Ad Up Network:

  • Increased profits: Together, Ad Up Web Sites are stronger and more attractive to advertisers.
  • We count everyone: Unlike most other networks, Ad Up counts all users who access our ads on your site.
  • Free advertising: All exclusive Ad Up Web Sites receive free advertising through our Promotional Program!
  • Detailed site reports: Ad Up gives you Ad statistics, tracking data, referenced by dates and times.
  • It's easy: Ad Up takes care of all marketing, ad rotations, targeting, tracking, sales and billing -- you get the check.

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Q: What is Ad Up and how does it work?

A: Ad Up is a network of Web Sites like yours, which, as a group are very attractive to advertisers. Individually, it can be very difficult for Web Sites to attract advertising, maintain a sales staff, bill advertisers, target and track Ad effectiveness, but it's easy for AD-UP.

Ad Up takes care of all these things for you, plus makes your Web Site more attractive by presenting it to sponsors along with other similar sites. As a whole the AD-UP Network can offer advertisers a much larger number of page-views than any single site. We also offer psychographic (affinity) targeting, Ad tracking statistics, and one-stop shopping for advertisers and agencies. This means that once your a member, all you have to do its cash your check.

Here's how it works:

You place a short piece of HTML code on your page, which references Ad Up's AdServer. That's it. We take care of the rest. Every time a user loads the graphics for your page, the AD-UP HTML in your page tells our AdServer, running on our machine, to send a specific Ad to the user viewing your page. We total up the number of ad impressions and click-throughs served from your page, then send you a check for your commission.

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Q: How do I join the Ad Up Network?

A: Simply fill out this short application, and after we accept your site and receive your signed agreement, we'll get you started.

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Q: Why is Ad Up's ad serving better?

A: Most other networks only count "unique" clicks or impressions, whereas Ad Up pays you for ALL VALID RAW clicks & impressions of paid ads. Many major ISPs such as AOL use devices called 'proxy servers' which have a single IP address for many simultaneous users. What this means is that if 100 people are accessing your site using the same proxy server on AOL they'd be seen as only 1 unique user by most other networks and they'll only count this as a single click or impression, while AD-UP pays you for all 100. As you can see, it is important to compare more than just price per impression or click, but exactly how many clicks and impressions a network will count for any given page -- they are not all the same. While Ad-Up has stringent fraud protection and careful monitoring of sites for compliance, we believe in paying sites for every real user who accesses our sponsor's ads.

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Q: My site does not get many hits, can I still join?

A: Yes, Ad Up only asks that the content pages of your site get at least 10,000 impressions per month and delivers that number of ad impressions. Ad Up recognizes that narrowly targeted sites (ones with very specific topics and therefore limited viewership) may be more attractive to some advertisers who want to reach your audience. Our accrual policy means we will send your monthly commission check out after your earnings total $50 or more.

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Q: What kind of sites is Ad Up looking for?

A: Ad Up seeks to find sites which will attract advertisers. Here's what our advertisers are looking for in web sites:

  • Subject oriented material (especially material related to a particular product or service)-- either text, video, images, or sounds which draw people interested in that topic, for instance a good automobile site would have text describing something related to cars, and have pictures of them, and perhaps sound file recordings of their engines
  • Aesthetically pleasing colors and graphics -- bright fluorescencents are NOT aesthetically pleasing
  • Well organized layout -- stay away from big fonts and messy, cluttered designs
  • Editorial restraint -- placing slogans or epitaphs slandering anyone or any company will not attract advertisers
  • A steady flow of new visitors -- repeated visitors are not as desirable as they may have already seen sponsors' ads previously


Currently, we are NOT accepting:

A) Pages which are only a set of links to other sites, or pages with pop-up consoles, ads, or other distracting systems.

B) Personal home pages, Email services, BBS, Forum, or Chat Pages

C) Pages under construction

D) Pages degrading or offensive to any particular group or person, this would include most joke/humour sites, adult sites, racist, or 'hate' sites.

E) Pages with more than one other ad banner per page

F) Sites which contain copyrighted music (midis, mp3, quicktime may all be copyrighted), text, or images, or direct links to them

G) Pages not written in English (Non-US sites are fine, as long as the ad page is in English)

H) Sites on services which do not allow paid advertising or which contain framed or pop-up ads, such as Hypermart, NameZero, Tripod, Xoom, Virtualave, homestead, cj, GeoCities, etc

I) Pay-to-surf or pay-to-click networks, incentivized programs

J) Non-website based impressions such as those from programs which display banners themselves, as opposed to banners integrated directly into website content by the original publisher.

If your site is one of the above types, we will not be able to accept it at this time.

We welcome aesthetically designed, original sites covering almost any service, business, hobby, or interest topic and/or service.

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Q: What changes do I need to make to my Web Site?

A: It's simple and easy, we'll send a short HTML snippet that you put at or near the top of your page. That's it. When a user visits your site, the Ad banner is sent directly from Ad Up's AdServer to the user. NOTE: The ad snippet must be hard coded into your site -- we do not allow redirects from other adservers or internal banner rotators -- such systems cause problems for tracking, scheduling, and verification so there are not permitted. Click here to see an example of how this HTML snippet will look on your site

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Q: Can I have other ads on my Web Site?

A: Yes! And, unlike other companies, Ad Up gives you a bonus when you have no other banners on the same page as the AD-UP banner. If you'll join Ad-Up as an Exclusive Web Site, with no other ads on the same page as the Ad-Up ad, then we'll place your site in Ad-Up's Promotional Program to receive free advertising for your own site. Even as an Exclusive site, you may still have ads on other pages within your site, just not on the same page as the Ad-Up banner. Of course, if you do not want to bring more visitors to your site, then you can opt out of the Promotional Program and put another banner even on the same page.

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Q: How much money will I make?

A: Ad Up pays you commission based on how many Page Views per month of Paid Advertising is loaded through your site every month. You will receive between 40% to 70% commission of the net ad revenue we collect. Currently, our ads are a mix of CPC (which we sell at 15 CPC to 74 CPC), and CPM (between $.15 CPM to $22 CPM - Cost per Thousand Impressions - these rates are subject to change), depending on the targeting and volume options the advertiser chooses). Since the rate fluctuates so much between different sponsors, changes over time and varies from site to site, it is quite difficult to compute any specific estimates or averages. The commission range depends on the number of ad impressions (Page Views) per month your site accumulates:

Ad Page Views during 30 days Commission (without approved THIRD PARTY* stats, each site's first 30 days are 40%):

    Sites must have a minimum of 10,000 impressions per month 10,000 - 30,000 = 40%
    30,001 - 60,000 = 45%
    60,001 - 100,000 = 50%
    100,001 - 200,000 = 55%
    200,001 - 300,000 = 60%
    300,001 - 500,000 = 65%
    500,001+ = 70%

* Third party stats are independant companies's reports to which Ad Up is given direct access (not printed or emailed reports) such as Neilson, Media Metrix,,, etc which have tracked the exact same pages where you plan to put our ads, for the last 30 days or more.

Advertiser's ad costs vary quite a bit, as they are based on a large number of factors selectable by the sponsors. Because we share the actual profits with you, we believe this system is the most fair and equitable arrangement. While we cannot guarantee a specific amount of money you'll earn, you will definitely receive your commission for all paid ads your site displays. Since we've been in operation we have always had some number of paid ads running on all sites. How much will you make? The bottom line is, the more visitors your site gets, the more money you will receive.

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Q: How many Ad Up ads can I put on my site?

A: You can have one Ad Up ad on each page of your site that has actual content on it - that means any page with useful information, news, links, pictures, etc. However, you may not place ads on forum, chat, message board, BBS, or pages with artificial induced repeated impressions, such as click-to-advance stories, or games. These policies will actually help you maximize the number of paid, unique impressions (a single view from one user which result in better click-through rates) per site. A better performing ad means the advertiser will be more likely to renew or buy even more ads on your site, which is good for everyone. Since advertisers do not like poorly performing sites (which can sometimes caused by sites that place ads on pages where multiple views of the same ad by the same user are common), we increase the ratio of unique views by placing Ad Up ad snippet only on pages of your site where active, interested potential customers are viewing related content. The best place for the AD-UP ad is on your most often visited content filled pages, usually not the home page, unless there is useful information there. Pages with articles, information, reference data, non-copyrighted images, and sounds, are the perfect place to integrate our ads.

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Q: Can I control who advertises on my Web site?

A: Yes. Ad Up gives you complete authority over who advertises on your Web site. Advertisers can also choose which available Web sites will display their ad banners. During registration, you can choose if you want to approve all advertisers or remove specific advertisers or certain products / services. Of course the more ad banners you approve, the more money you'll make.

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Q: Will I have a written agreement with Ad Up?

A: Yes, absolutely. If your site is selected to join the Ad Up Network, we will pay you, and yes, you'll get it in writing.

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Q: Is there some degree of privacy for users of my Web Site?

A: Yes. Users have the right to privacy and the Internet will not succeed unless privacy is protected. In the detailed report we provide to you, Ad Up does give you the necessary information needed to manage and improve your Web Site, but not specific user names or user IDs.

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Q: Does Ad Up track usage of my Web Site?

A: Yes. Ad Up's records contain information which ads users saw, which ads they clicked on, and what time these events happened. All of this information is kept strictly confidential and is only used to help you improve your Web site and to help AD-UP improve targeted advertising. Additional information on the users' host machine and their browser type is stored for auditing purposes. No information is ever sold, nor made public.

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Q: How will I benefit from the Ad Up Promotional Program?

A: If you'll join as an Exclusive Ad Up Web Site, AD-UP will help your site get more visitors by advertising your site for free. The more users who see your site, the more sponsors can advertise on it, and the more money you'll earn -- a reward to you for making your site attractive to advertisers. To bring more users to your site, send us your 468 x 60 GIF or JPEG banner (<8Kb) and Ad-Up will place it in our promotional ad rotation. Free. For Exclusive sites, this means ads for your site will be scheduled to appear on many other sites throughout our network, at no cost to you!

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If there is anything else we can help you with, plus feel free to ask us.


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