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Ad Up is no longer offering publisher services. However, if you own a website, or even just a few webpages, the following services will be of interest to you:

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Ad Up is the one-stop shop for all of your Internet Marketing needs.

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Ad Space Sales:

You have already put a lot of work into making your web site a polished and interesting place for people to visit. With virtually no additional work on your part, Ad Up will turn your site into a money-making machine! There's no risk, no fees and you've got nothing to loose, so apply today. If we accept your site, we'll send you an agreement to sign and two lines of HTML to insert into your page. After you've done that, relax and watch the money pour in. We'll send you a check with your commission. Now, that's easy money!

Unfortunately, Ad Up is not currently accepting new publishers at this time -- sorry

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Web Site Authoring:

Have a product or service, but nowhere to sell it? Let the pros at Ad Up create a web site for you. We'll build you a customized home on the Internet that you can be proud of. Take orders electronically while you sleep, build a customer base worldwide, and gain access to markets you never thought possible -- all with a new web site designed by Ad Up.

Even if you already have a site, perhaps it's not performing as well as you'd like? Ad Up is here to help you transform your site into a selling machine -- we can design a streamlined, easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing place for your customers.

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Ad targeting, serving, and tracking:

If you want to have ads running on your site, your sponsor's question will be about statistics. Now, with Ad Up's targeting , serving, and tracking service you can have the third party statistics to show your sponsors. Ad Up gives you real-time, 24/7, password protected information on your site's ads at your fingertips. Ad Up's system shows you and your sponsor the number of views, click-throughs, and click-through ratios for any time period you select.

No special software is required -- you just place a 2 line snippet of HTML where you want the ad, and that's it. We'll serve your selection of ads, even target specific ads to particular pages, and monitor the results. All the information is accessible from any standard browser from anywhere in the world.

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Ad hosting, accounting, and billing:

Ad Up has a full line of services for all your advertising needs. If you're like most Webmaster's, you've already sold some ads, but are too busy to deal with billing, accounting, and collections -- we can help. Ad Up already has the infrastructure set up to handle client accounts, taking the drudge work out of advertising for you. If the bandwidth on your site is too slow to handle the delivery of ads, Ad Up can host the ad on our server for you. We'll send out the ad images directly to the users looking at your page.

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